a bit more personal

fox mascot scribble circles Hand with mechanical pen


self portrait

Hello. Again.

I think that, like a lot of people, I started drawing and – mainly – making doodles when I was around 4-5 years old.

But the difference is that I actually kept doing it over the years. (I did stop for a while. But shh!)

I loved how, with a few strokes of pencil, we could make ideas and characters come alive. (I still do)

I was told to keep doing it, so .. I did.

self portrait

Then, when I was about 10, the Web came around, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

I made quite a bit of digital painting (not as cool as it sound), and I made my first – terrible, terrible – one page website when I was 14. At the time though, I thought it was really cool.

self portrait

Looking at my economy courses covered in with various doodles, it was pretty obvious my dream career wasn’t lying there.

Therefore, after graduating from high school, I headed to study computer graphics. The first year passed, and I ended up going in Web Design & Multimedia.

self portrait

And.. That’s where I’m at.