This is the page where I thank people who did stuff that helped me for this portfolio, or did directly helped me.

But you probably already knew that, you smart person.

No particular order, but if I may add a note I found the ressource particularly worth checking/buying.


Art and design combined can give pretty interesting results.

(Quite a strange mix, yep.)

Awesome fonts


Javascript is a cool guy.
Just try to get to know him.

Not a script, but the Stackoverflow community helped too. They're cool.


learning material // fun, fun, fun

Also, thanks to teachers @ DWM for being so supportive about the project.
It was cool.
So thanks to them, too.
No list with names and faces. Sorry. Not my thing.

hello, you.

But here.
A homemade cross-eye smiley in sign of gratitude.
And remember. Be nice.