design process


Hey. Here, I talk to you a bit about my design process. That's the way I like to work most of the time.

It's not a one-fits-all formula though.

Every project is different, and sometimes, we have to adapt.

1/ first contact

Hello. We get in touch and talk.
We communicate.
Ton of fun stuff.

2/ research

I do my research.
I’ll find problems you didn’t even know you had.
But that’s fine, we’ll fix that.

3/ staring contest with computer screen

I design and code back and forth.
They always work best together and not separated, in my opinion.

My computer and me spend a lot of time together. (probably too much)

4/ the infinite loop

Repeat 1, 2 and 3 until you and me are both happy.


5/ sleeping

It’s been a while since I didn’t do that activity properly, and I kind of miss it.

Oh, and your product is also finished, by the way.