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minimal posters : tim burton

The mission print design for esiaj

Our goal was to create 7 minimal posters on a very precise theme we could choose.

Our restrictions for the minimal graphic system were that we had to use less than 4 colours, and the only shapes we could use were geometrical.

The challenge

Working with strong restrictions is never easy.

You have to come up with solutions to problems you wouldn't even had otherwise in the first place, and you often have to iterate, find ways to "make it work".

The main difficulty I encountered during this project was that intuition couldn't be part of the game. - or, at least, not nearly as much as wanted to - No "maybe".

It could only be "yes" or "no". // or 0 or 1

my approach

I failed. A lot. But let's call it iteration instead.

It was a pretty difficult theme for me, since minimalism is not something I usually make.

It took me a few days to find a system that suited me. I ended up going for a triangular grid system

Then, it was all about trying to make each character as recognizible as possible with given restrictions.